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You make really good money and learn some great skills


Thinking back to when I was younger and what I wanted to do when I was older, I always thought construction wasn’t a good career to get into. Since leaving school, I’ve realised it’s one of the best. You make really good money, get great skills, and it’s an all-round sector that can take you anywhere.

Young people are sometimes stereotyped as lazy, but this is a hardworking career. I’m surrounded by young people giving it their all. And if you do that, you’ll go far.

Daniel in PPE on a construction site

My dad has always been in construction. I used to help him on weekends, which encouraged me as I got to see the lifestyle. I left school and did an electrical engineering apprenticeship for a year, but it just wasn’t for me. And that’s when I found John and the bricklaying apprenticeship. It’s a lot more hard work, and there’s more to it; it’s more challenging. With other jobs, you can master them fast. I could do bricklaying for a year and feel like I’m just starting to know about it.

Daniel wearing PPE holding a spade in a wheelbarrow
Mortar mix in wheelbarrow

I get up around 6 am, have a bit of brekkie and rock up to site about 7.15. Then it’s boots on, gear on, get out onto the plot and onto the boards. I don’t like rain, but that doesn’t bother me too much. In the summer it’s great – sometimes they’ll let you have your top off and top up a tan.

The industry is fun, very social. You get to go to work and have a laugh. If I were working behind a desk all day in an office, it would bore me. I want the physical element – I like going to the gym and playing football. I feel good after a hard day’s work. It’s rewarding in that way.

Daniel standing in front of green shipping container

" I feel good after a hard day's work. It's rewarding in that way "


My friends think this career’s great. Many are in the industry themselves, and I love socialising with other workers. This industry is all about making connections and who might help you out in the future. My parents are so proud of me, as I was coming from a job where I wasn’t happy, but now I look forward to going to work every day.

And my job lets me enjoy plenty of downtime. There’s gym after work, football on a Thursday. I love going to the pub with friends and out with my girlfriend. I’ve opened up an ISA and started to save for a house. Without this apprenticeship, I wouldn’t have done it.

I’m excited about starting a new career that I enjoy. I’m going to carry on my apprenticeship, stay with John and hopefully keep working hard and progressing in the trade. My goal? Maybe I’ll be in John’s position in ten years.


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