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If i can inspire just one woman, Then it's worth it


I’m a land surveyor. That means I measure anything to do with land: on it, beneath it, and above it. I’m on-site with instruments gathering the raw data that gets put into modelling. Then it’s sent to architects and project managers. It gives them the certainty they need to get on with their jobs.

I did a geography degree at Aberystwyth University, but by the end, I didn’t really know what to do. I had a bit of a crisis. I’ve always loved volcanoes and earthquakes, so figured I would probably do something to do with that, but then a careers advisor introduced me to some construction companies, and the rest is history.

Lauren standing in a field next to surveying equipment

" I'll walk on-site with a group of guys, and I'm leading the team "


I did work experience and then learned on the job with senior surveyors. It’s been five years, and I’ve loved every day since. There’s such a great community within the industry. Yes, it’s male-dominated but everyone is so friendly. And I’ve already noticed the number of women has grown. Often, I’ll walk on-site with a group of guys, and I’m leading the team. It instantly challenges perceptions.

Even my own family are fascinated by what I do and think I’m really brave. They were surprised when I told them the career I’d chosen. I love pretty dresses, and they couldn’t imagine me in high-vis gear. But I always have an exciting story to tell them.

Lauren working with surveying equipment
Wild flowers in a meadow

I spend most mornings on-site, and then after lunch, I go to the office and write up reports. But you can work from home, which is great if you have kids. It means you can fit other things around work. I’m very musical. I love playing piano, and I tend to do that when I get home from work. I also compete in clay pigeon shooting. On Fridays, I often start early so I can head off in the afternoon for a competition.

Most importantly, I feel like my career’s on the move. I go to networking events and have loads of confidence now. I want to do more geospatial work and business development and work directly with clients, but I never want to lose my on-site skills.

Lauren standing on a tree stump in a meadow

This is a fast-moving, tech-based industry, and it’s great to be part of it. It’s so cool to see the skyline forever changing. And I’m so proud to be paving the way for future generations by going into schools to talk about my career. If I can encourage one student or young woman, then it’s worth it.


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